Angler fishing on boat during sunset

Made for the seatrout angler.

To create the SÖLV range, Abu Garcia reached out to some of the most skilled and knowledgeable seatrout anglers in Europe, to make sure it covers every possible situation whether you’re fishing a river or on the coast. Everything to help you catch that sought after silver.



With a range of five different models, there is an AG2 model that suits every type of seatrout fishing. The whole range has been developed with the best seatrout anglers around Europe, resulting in unique action rods that are extremely lightweight but have incredible casting properties but still plenty of enough flex to ensures you of not dropping the fish during the fight. The 3pcs construction makes sure that you can easily transport the rod in your car or even in your backpack in the velvet rod sleeve that comes with each rod. Apart from the beautiful cosmetic, the rods are all finished with the best Fuji components to make these rods not only very lightweight and sensitive, but also perfectly capable of handling the harsh saltwater conditions.



With six AG3 different models in lengths ranging from 255 cm to 330 cm and different casting weights, there is a model for any type of seatrout fishing; whether it is fishing in the rivers or long distance shore fishing. The rods are all finished with the best quality SeaGuide components to ensures that the rods will be sensitive but as well as durable as possible. The lightweight 30T carbon blanks are sensitive but also very responsive and are especially designed to give the best possible casting properties but as well have enough flex to make sure you will not drop the fish of a lifetime. When feeling those rods for the first time, you will be surprised by the quality and weight of those rods for the affordable price.


Swimming in a seductive S-Curve, the Penna is a flawless imitation of a sandeel! On the spin stop, this lure ‘flees’ down, away from the seatrout, in a fluttering and vibrating fashion. Just like a reel sandeel! A movement very few seatrout will be able to resist. Besides cast & retrieve and spin stop, small twitches will bring this bait to life in a very different way triggering violent seatrout attacks.


Casts like a bullet, fishes like a dream. The Smakk has everything. The Smakk has a little unpredictable action on the retrieve, breaking out to the left or right every few feet. It’s that movement that triggers the seatrout to hammer the Smakk! At a slow retrieve the action is very slow and deliberate, but try to speed the Smakk up a little bit and see what happens. We can’t get enough of it!


We love the seductive wobble of the Napp! Even on the retrieve the Napp breaks it’s centre line, whilst still running straight and true. A movement that truly mimics a wounded and fleeing fish, seatrout just can’t resist the Napp. This lure works really well fished slowly, but even at higher speeds you’ll be able to fish the Napp effectively in the strike zone!


The Rull is an extremely long casting lure, with a steady rotating action when retrieved. On the spin stop, the Rull starts spinning away from the retrieval line giving off a lot of vibration which triggers bites from following seatrout. If you are looking for a lure to reach far away spots, cast extremely accurate and fish at all speeds; the Rull will be your first pick!


The Piil definitely does justice to its name; it casts like a dream! We have tried our best to make this bait run smooth and straight, but still have that irresistible irregularity in its tail wiggle. It’s those small triggers that really make the seatrout go crazy. And don’t forget to incorporate a spin stop every now and then, we love the action on the spin stop!


Thin and wide like knife, while still having great castability. The attractive fluttering action of the Blixx will show at both low and high retrieval speeds. Due to the wider profile the baits falls slower on the spinstop, but sends out more vibrations than any other seatrout lure. You can be sure that no following trout will be able to resist the amazing spin stop action of the Blixx!