Abu Garcia has always been leading the pack when it comes to producing artificial baits and fishing lures for all your predator angling needs. The introduction of the legendary ‘Abu Atom’ spoon back in the 1940’s was just the beginning of an amazing journey which led on to the production of other well known lures such as the ‘Toby’, the ‘Hi-Lo’ hard bait and the ever popular ‘Droppen’ and ‘Reflex’ spinners. These classics have stood the test of time and are still as reliable today as they ever were.

As the years have rolled by, we at Abu Garcia have always managed to keep abreast of the ever changing trends in predator fishing. With the growth in specialist angling, the development of species specific lures became of great importance. As such, we have spent huge amounts of time investing in research and development, working and collaborating with some of the most respected names in the world of predator fishing. Our aim has always been to produce innovative fishing lures and soft plastic baits that put more fish in your net. Whatever your target species may be - Pike, perch, zander, asp, chub, catfish, trout or salmon - we have the right lures for you! 


Claes Cleasson, the Swedish predator fishing legend has had a huge impact and influence on our latest range of fishing bait. His ‘Svartzonker’ range is on the cutting edge of modern lure design including an amazing selection of hard lures, soft plastic lures and hybrid lures to cover all your predator fishing needs. No matter whether it's pike, perch or zander that you seek, the ‘Svartzonker’ range of lures are guaranteed bankers, wherever you’re fishing.