Looking to place a bet on the secret to becoming a better angler? Put all your chips on a versatile, powerful, perfectly balanced setup. Abu Garcia® has proudly set the standard for fishing gear since 1921. There’s a reason we were once honored as the Purveyor to The Royal Swedish Court, a distinction bestowed upon a select group of manufacturers for consistently exceeding its highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our leadership continues – it’s demonstrated in our line of Rod and Reel Combos, which merges craftsmanship and performance. The ultimate body construction combined with highly engineered line-throwing design supports your strategy, puts power behind your tactics, and makes you a better and more well-rounded angler.


Our extensive collection of Rod and Reel Combos have been designed to cover all fishing situations you might encounter. Whether this be on lakes, rivers, reservoirs or even in saltwater, we have a combination of rod, and perfectly balanced reels, to make decisions easier. Choose Abu Garcia when targeting Pike and Perch with crankbaits and soft plastic lures. We have spinning rod combos that are matched perfectly with the correct sized reel. Fish with spinners and spoons for Trout and other predators with Abu Garcia Rod and Reel Combos. With a huge range of lengths and casting weights to choose from, it’s simple to match the size of the lure you wish to fish with. Whether you are drop shooting for Perch, Casting crankbaits for Pike or even fishing vertical for Zander, then we have a spinning combo, baitcast combo, spincast combo or conventional combo that is right for you. Cost, efficiency and ease of purchase are just two reasons Abu Garcia® Rod and Reel Combos set you up with a spot-on fish-landing combination. It’s no question that our century-long pursuit of engineering quality continues to fuel us today. One look at our lineup of Fishing Rod and Reel Combos is all the evidence you need.