Featuring some of the best fishing landing nets on the market, Abu Garcia’s current range is packed with tough, dependable models to land or boat that special fish! Whether you fish for urban perch or pike on a big lake, our Spike® and Beast™ ranges make sure the big one doesn’t get away! After all, even with the best tackle money can buy, you won’t land that dream catch without a suitable net. All our current models are designed to be light and portable for the roving bait or lure angler, yet sufficiently tough and durable for the most demanding conditions. Meanwhile, rubberised mesh is kinder to the fish and dries quicker, meaning safer catch and release plus less stink in your car boot!


Long and powerful pike demand a suitably big, fish-friendly landing net! Why risk losing the fish of a lifetime or damaging your catch with a model that isn’t up to the job? Our Beast™ fishing nets are among the very best landing nets for pike fishing. Available in foldable and non-foldable options, they combine supreme portability with all the qualities these awesome predators demand. Featuring an extra strong frame, special lifting grips and tough rubber coated mesh, these pike nets are offering a lot of quality for a decent price. For the bank angler, a sliding net handle also makes this one of the lightest and most portable pike landing nets on the market. 


With stylish yet practical design, this range offers some of the best landing nets for lure fishing. Like the Beast range, our Spike® fishing nets come with the strength and durability required for top performance, but with even greater portability. Designed for serious perch and zander anglers, Spike® nets are perfect for boat / kayak fishing, but can also be used from the bank or while wading. Or, for the ultimate in lightness and portability, there are also the slightly smaller Spike® BB fishing nets, which feature a floating frame and carry clip for easy attachment to bags or wading jackets.