Any angler who has battled a pike knows the draw of these strong fish. Above all else, they need strength for the battle. And that’s exactly what our baitcasting fishing reels have.
Did you for example know that the Abu Garcia® Revo Rocket, at 10.1:1, picks up twice as much line per turn of the reel handle as the fastest models of just a generation ago? Impressive power, extraordinary speed, and complete control characterizes our Low Profile Baitcaster line up. Our low profile baitcasting reels are perfect for beginners, short distance casts and smaller fish. It’s the result of decades of forward-thinking design. Now, when we put a fourth generation Baitcaster in the hands of the experts, there’s no denying the craftsmanship. It handles soft baits, spinner baits, and crankbaits with pinpoint accuracy. No wonder our Low Profile Baitcaster Reels are part of the arsenal on tournament day when there’s sure to be thrilling battles. For pike fishing, perch fishing, zander fishing at its best, the reliable Abu Garcia® Baitcaster Reel is for the shrewd angler out for the win.


In 2006, the Revo® Low Profile Baitcast Reel took the angling community by storm. Seven years later, our line of Revo® Low Profiles was completely redesigned, and today they lead the Low Profile pack, boasting a lighter, more compact and more powerful design. It’s no surprise that Abu Garcia® Low Profile Baitcaster Reels show up on the champion circuit. Hank Cherry, 2020 and 2021 Bassmaster Classic Champion calls our Low Profile REVO® STX a reliable workhorse for the grind. It’s a super smooth, high-quality reel that’s a favorite among many. For superior cranking, the Revo® Winch, part of our popular Winch series of rods and reels, keeps the big ones pinned – they are built to perform in tandem with crankbaits and other similar moving style baits. You’ll find quality, reliable drag in this reel. It fits comfortably in the hand for all-day use, and it’s a favorite for bottom bouncing. And it’s no secret that our Revo Toro® Beast™ X Low Profile, is engineered for brute strength. Perfect for trolling for pike, it’s cranking power and high line capacity can handle whatever hard-pulling fish comes your way.


Looking for more power? Abu Garcia® Round Baitcast Reels are loved by warriors against the big fish for their efficient fighting power, controlled casts, and a drag system that provides smooth consistent pressure. When our Ambassadeur® hit the market, it was an instant classic. It remains a market leader in its category by being super lightweight and having plenty of power to haul up even giant catfish. For kayakers, quality and extreme castability make our Round Baitcasting Reels top of the list for chucking baits. 


You’ll find our baitcasting fishing reels off the beaten path where the biggest fish hides. Our line of Ambassadeurs® have proven components design specifically for catfish fishing with additional torque and power for pulling. The palm-able Line Counter features our synchronized levelwind system as well as the smooth-pulling Carbon Matrix™ drag system. Look to the Ambassadeur® C4 Round Reel for one of the fastest Round Casting Reels on the market, ideal for casting large lures. Salmon, muskie and striper anglers love it (bass anglers who want to cast extra-large swimbaits or crankbaits do too.) The C3 Striper Special Round Fishing Reel offers anglers a unique package backed with proven components designed with striper fishing in mind, while the C3® Carp Special Round offers anglers a unique package backed with proven components designed specifically for carp fishing.