Since 2009, when Abu Garcia® released the V-Series of Fishing Rods with their highly engineered action, power, and sensitivity, they have become synonymous with serious fishing. Today, our Fishing Rods are the height of excellence — they are lighter and stronger, they deliver more advantages to the angler, with their free-flowing lines and comfortable performance made for the long haul. To the original Vendetta® and Rocksweeper® lines, we’ve added the Beast X and Beast Pro range of Pike fishing rods. These strong and powerful fishing rods have been redesigned to be ultra-robust and responsive, yet remain lighter and stronger than its predecessors with the sensitivity to feel the slightest bite. With every piece of equipment we produce, from our entry-level Spinning Rods to our top-of-the-line Baitcasters, our gear helps you fish to win, and there’s not an Abu® Fishing Rod for sale that’s an exception.


At Abu®, we maintain that fishing is an athletic endeavor. Just like every top athlete, our anglers have an inner desire to succeed, test their limits, and take pride in their performance.  Whether your trophy is a pike, perch or zander, you need gear that supports you from tip to handle. Ready to make light work of heavy cover? You can, with a rugged, responsive Abu® rod. Going shorter? We’ve got a rod to beat the bank. Throwing crankbaits, swimbaits of spybaits? Our Winch series of rods are custom designed to fit a variety of fishing techniques, and perfectly optimized for you.


Abu® Rods are loved by Europe’s well-known fishing heavyweights like Tobias Fränstram, winner of predator fight 2020 and perch fight 2018. Tobias is a big fan of heavy pike rods and relies heavily on the Beast X and Beast Pro rod ranges to get his fishing with large lures done. Freddy Harbort, winner of predator tour Sweden 2019 and 2nd place finisher in Zander Pro 2021. For his vertical sharp shooting it’s extremely important that his rod delivers precision and sensitivity, something that the Rocksweeper rods do without a doubt. Sweden’s most well-known angler, Cleas Cleasson a.k.a. Svartzonker, winner of Swedish pike league 2020, knows how to design rods that are both stunning to look at and perform well every time. Check out the Svartzonker motoroil classic series for a wide range of rods for pike, perch and trout.